To Hindu-American Voters

In response to Donald Trump’s recent stunt:


Dear Hindu-American voters,

Our position in this election is interesting to say the least. We make up less than one-percent of the USA’s population, we are considered people of color, yet our population consists of diversity that is rarely acknowledged by mainstream media. However, a significant number of us immigrated to the United States with college degrees. So many, such as like my parents, were able to dodge the challenges of social mobility which so many immigrants face today. As a result, it is not entirely surprising to see Trump’s appeal to Indian-American voters, but a quicker look at his positions prove that his presidency would be nothing short of disastrous for our community.

(Ideally, I would present arguments concerning Trump’s sexism, xenophobia, racism, the list goes on, and you would go out and vote for Hillary Clinton. Yet, a) That will be another blog post and b) No one seems to care about this because, as too many of my peers have stated, “He won’t affect me after all!”)

So instead, consider what Trump’s policies mean for you:

First off, the infamous Muslim ban. I’m not going to try to present how ethically messed up this proposal is because that merits its own article. But, fun fact, this ban will affect you regardless of your religious affiliation. India has the third highest Muslim population in the world, and last time I checked, religious affiliation is not legally collected by the federal government. So in addition to the TSA checks, any travel between here and India will most likely be more scrutinized, resulting in traveling inconveniences such as background checks for all travelers. Do I see #ThanksTrump trending? Depends on your vote.

Trump has also expressed disdain for #BlackLivesMatter, to which I say, read this letterBlacks and Latinos paved the way for civil rights in this nation. It is why I was not sent to another school with the word “colored” on my backpack. It is why my parents were able to obtain higher education here through student visas. As mentioned:

But here’s the secret our community was never taught: our presence in the U.S. is linked to the work of Black activists. Up until the 1960s, racist immigration laws allowed only 100 immigrants from countries like India into the U.S. per year. But during the Civil Rights Movement, Black Americans used protests and civil disobedience to help remove some of the most racist laws in the U.S. not only for themselves but for all minority communities.

Consider what a Trump presidency means for education and college debt. Currently private colleges receive more tax breaks than public ones. In addition to running a fraudulent university, Trump has yet to address the underfunding of universities, resulting in increasing tuition prices that millennials currently face.

Better yet, consider what a Trump presidency means for the next generation. I was lucky to be raised in an ethnically-diverse and affluent neighborhood that praised diversity rather than tearing it down. Yet, some of my peers in college were not. They were told from a young age to “go back to their country.” A vote for Trump is no longer a cry for lower taxes, it is an endorsement, a form of vocal support of these messages. A recurring complaint is that the status-quo isn’t working, to which I agree. But last time I checked, there are three branches to Federal Government, not one. And all of them depend on this election.

So think. Think whether Donald Trump aligns with your values, the values that brought us here. And register to vote.

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